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This is what they look like when they come in the mail: It’s a flexible strand of lights that you can cut to any length, which uses almost no energy and is .We used them to light our bookshelves (see that tutorial here): And just for fun, here’s what they look like with the whole strip lit by this one 9-volt battery: The end of the light strip has a red and a black wire and looks like this: Okay, now look at the part of the lamp where the lightbulb screws in.You’re going to solder the red wire of the light strip to one metal piece and the black wire to another. If you look closely at the actual strip, there’s a line about every two inches where you can safely cut it.At this point, it doesn’t matter which wire goes to which metal piece. Here’s a little diagram: UPDATE: Mark just left a comment pointing us to this LED light which screws right into the bulb socket.'To have my son out here, to see him, I mean how much he’s grown since last year, and my mom does an unbelievable job putting this together,' he said.'Truly am thankful for the small circle I have around me.

You’d still need to connect the battery pack as we discuss below.

While hosting the camp, AJ had the kids practicing plenty of drills, but he also had an important message about family and honoring your surname. There was many a time that we didn’t have cable, or the phone didn’t work or sometimes power just because we couldn’t pay it,' he told WKRG.

'My parents always said we don’t have a lot but we do have our last name, always carry that with pride and make other people recognize that name whenever we go places and it’s always good thoughts about our name.'The football star shared a similar message with the campers, reminding them of the significance of their last names, and he also made sure to thank his family, especially his mom Dee Dee Mc Carron, for their support.

And keeping your desk away from the wall opens up your wall space for lots of storage. Unless you want to pay your bills whilst shrouded in the darkest pitch-black night (and for real, you might), you’re going to need a lamp on that desk… Let’s be honest, how uncool and annoying is this mess?

But if you’re not willing to compromise the room layout you want (and you want to appease the feng shui geeks), you can have your lamp and light it too…

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