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Dancing camps adults

I humbly question why the Roshei Yeshiva of these boys allow them to go to any of these camps as it’s no secret regarding the alcohol consumption at these camps.

In fact, I have had many conversations with leading Roshei Yeshiva about this, and they just shrug their shoulders.

Please don’t start telling me that this is a minor percentage, because it’s not.

This is a roaring problem that is largely being ignored and not being taken seriously by the people running these camps.

We will make sure your camps are (legally) exposed and blacklisted by every single family in America.I have since updated it to reflect new information (from as recent as last night), and humbly request it be published for the sake of saving lives.Parents sending their boys to summer camps in the Catskills may think their boys are safe, but they aren’t. That problem has Boruch Hashem been dealt with by organizations such as Amudim and the Gedolim behind them who devote their lives to helping the victims.Camps at the YMCA of Greater Richmond From half to full day camps and from Pre-School aged to Teens, the YMCA of Greater Richmond has a camp to fit your needs as a parent while your child has the best summer ever!We even offer the traditional camp experience at our Camp Thunderbird location in Chesterfield.

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I should add (not that it makes any difference) that I am not referring to drinking beer.

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