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Dating and marriage customs in japan

The Democratic Party of Japan government elected in August 2009 wanted to introduce legislation that allowed married couples to use separate surnames. Some obvious examples of such improvements are a steady increase in the number of women attending higher education institutions, a remarkable growth of professional and social activities by educated and enlightened women like Nora in Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 Et Dukkehjem (A Doll’s House), and development of a self-sustaining economic strength and expansion of independent life with individual decision making.The daughters of the traditional Japanese families, i.e., the Japanese female dolls wearing pretty kimonos, who used to be educated how to serve and follow the man (husband) and how not to express their own ego, desires, and needs are now nonexistent, having become a part of fairy tales.For men between 30 and 34, 42 percent are single, an increase of 10 percent from a decade earlier.Of all the unmarred adults about 54 percent of them are women, and 46 percent are men.Later when the man's mother considered herself no longer able to do her household chores by herself she asked her son's "wife" to move in.This occasion was often accompanied by a small party to introduce her to the neighbors.

About one half of the young people indicated that they want to marry eventually, but are not concerned about the age at which they might marry.In Japan, the percentage of women who continue their formal education after high school is very high.In 2010, 55.9 percent of women graduating from high school entered universities or junior colleges, as compared with 52.7 percent of men.In 1999, the average marriage age for women was 26.7, a record low.The average marriage age for men was 28.5, the same as it had been for years.

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Only one in five wanted to marry soon.[Source: Yoshiro Hatano, Ph. and Tsuguo Shimazaki, Encyclopedia of Sexuality, 1997 ] “ Japan has consistently maintained one of the world’s lowest incidence of out-of-wedlock births, well below 5 percent (Lewin 1995).