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Dating customs in paris

The libation could be poured onto something of religious significance, such as an altar, or into the earth.

In India and Nepal, Lord Shiva (also Vishnu and other deities) is offered libation with water by devotees at many temples when they go visit the temple, and on special occasions elaborately with water, milk, yogurt, ghee, honey, and sugar.The earth goddess Vasudhara is invoked to witness these meritorious deeds.Prior to colonial rule, the water libation ceremony was also performed during the crowning of Burmese kings, as part of procedures written in the Raza Thewaka Dipani Kyan, an 1849 text that outlines proper conduct of Burmese kings.The libation ritual is commonly called challa and is performed quite often, usually before meals and during celebrations.), which involves the ceremonial pouring of water from a vessel of water into a vase, drop by drop, concludes most Buddhist ceremonies, including donation celebrations, shinbyu, and feasts.

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The etiquette of the symposium required that when the first bowl (krater) of wine was served, a libation was made to Zeus and the Olympian gods.