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Dear friends, on April 30, 2011, Rick Hanson, the Proprietor of Club100, passed away. Flash memory is both rewritable and erasable, yet retains its data with zero power draw, making it ideal for battery powered laptops like the Model T. It also adds powerful development and debugging tools.

Over the past 2 decades, Rick had nearly single-handedly kept the Model 100 (and family) laptops going through his amazing dedication, passion and support. • Overview / News Release • Storage Card Readme & files • Free TPDD/TPDD2 to San Disk NADSBox service • Latest Firmware v1.05 (zip) • News! This memory may be used for option ROMs, RAM backups and even file storage. • Model 100, 102, 200 Machine Differences • Jump to Information Categories...

Through this dedication, Rick became friends with and touched the lives of many people across the globe and will be missed dearly. In a humble attempt to uphold his vision, several of the Club100 members are striving to keep Club100 going. With loads of file and program storage, and all the ROM software ever produced, REX is the ideal memory enhancement for the Model T. • Dave Jones's video blog - M100 Teardown This is where it's at for documented information on all things Model 100/102/200 et al.

Retrobits podcast - REX and NADSBox are discussed REX ... Until now, Model 100/102/200 were limited to use of only one option ROM at a time, and file storage required an external device. REX plugs into the option ROM socket, and via its user friendly management OS, users have access to 768 Kbytes of flexible flash based storage. create multiple ROM and RAM banks • REX 100/102 ... solid state portable storage to PC Card / eazy file transfers! one module, 2 banks of 24K ea New to Model "T" computing? The goal of Virtual T is to provide 100% hardware emulation so any existing programs will run.

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They must be designed for use on the DOS platform (MS-DOS compatible) and/or for use with Microsoft Windows versions designed for home or domestic use (includes Windows 3, Windows 95 & 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, and 32-bit versions of Vista & Windows 7).In its nature, it is similar to the well-known Wine project.At this point, does not yet run mac OS application with a GUI. Developers are always welcome to join the project - take a look at Low Hanging Fruit.Here are some great educational games and programs around for singers and musicians of all ages and standards.I like the way that icons can be used for different categories, and the different colours that are used in the main task list make it easier to get an overall picture of outstanding issues." What is personal productivity software?

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