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Dating website subscriptions

On top of all this, OKCupid makes a real effort to give their A-List members an extra level of customer service.When I’ve emailed them about an issue, or to report someone, I get a notification saying since I’m A-List I’m at the “top of their queue.” When they email me back, there is an automatic identifier in the email saying ALIST.Some of the paid features of Bumble Boost include: These are all great features.But again, when you are already great as a free service, is it worth the extra money for these features? I have found myself from time to time, when I know I have a week ahead that maybe isn’t as busy as my weeks usually are, just doing the .99 week-long subscription.Still though, on weeks where I really feel like putting effort into Bumble, it can be worth the .99.On weeks where I don’t feel like it or don’t have time, the free version does great on its own. Since then, I have stopped using a few of them and started using a few others, including Ok Cupid aka OKC and Plenty Of Fish aka POF — two sites that were around when I was in college that upon becoming single I honestly didn’t realize still existed or were still so widely used.

POF has THE WORST customer service, and unlike OKC they do not seem to prioritize paid users.Right out of the gate they annoyed me by this blatant money grab.Their upgraded features are below with comments: A couple weeks into having a paid subscription I went through a very annoying POF situation and had to demand a refund.As much as it physically pains me to admit it, since becoming single I have had more first dates from POF than other sites.THAT IS THE HARDEST SENTENCE TO WRITE BECAUSE I DESPISE POF WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.

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