Free hot and sexy role play chat only

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Free hot and sexy role play chat only

When you nervously nod your head I guide you to the bondage table and begin to fasten the restraints. Strong leather restraints you won’t be able to get out of.

One across your lower stomach, one around the middle and one across your torso including your wrists and arms.

I know that you can hear everything that is going on right now and that with your vision being taken your hearing will be more intense.

Then she turns around and wants you to fuck her hard.

An additional set is put just across the wrists and the arms to make sure you can’t wiggle at all.

I put a hood over your face, check to make sure you can’t see, but are able to breathe easily.

If you want to know what is about to happen next, then you need to pick up the phone and call Me. Once again, she fell asleep before you had an opportunity to seduce her.

Your mind drifts to all the sexy ladies at work, and you slip your hand inside your pants.

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Each call must be purchased the day of your square pick. Sort of informs the mind something out of your comfort zone is about to begin. I may even decide to deprive you of your vision by the use of a blindfold or leather hood. ” Everything on the table next to me is covered by a black cloth.