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It’s just easier for me to get a better understanding. This is the only way to find out how many people swiped right. Yes, but don’t forget a Tinder like is not a proposal. 1 hour – 100 matches 2 hours – 250 matches When I started out, I just wanted to know how long it would take me to hit Blake’s number. 3.5 hours – 800 matches (stopped liking new profiles) After 5.5 hours, I got Blake’s current number of matches. I had some great conversation with Tinders about this topic. Before this experiment, I already knew Tinder wasn’t for me.The new profile was very similar to my real profile. 5.5 hours – 1,250 matches I woke up the next day, and there were almost 2,000 matches in my Tinder box. 17 hours – 2,015 matches Is it possible to run a Tinder Marketing campaign? If you want to leverage Tinder for a marketing campaign, you’ll need to find a sophisticated way to connect with Tinders and add value to their lives. Maybe if one day Tinder and Quora collaborate, I will come back.I didn’t want a child, (I was already paying child support to my first wife for a son), and she should get an abortion or put the kid up for adoption.

I told her to see a doctor, and I would pay the 0 doctor’s bill, for it would be in my best interest for her to be on the pill. She told me she was pregnant a couple of days past New Years.With the help of my fabulous gay best friend, Mathew Hanley, we added a “Hot Match of the Day” graphic to my profile picture. I am too busy finding someone who will take over the world with me. :) About Cam Mi Pham Cammi Pham (@cammipham) is a digital marketer by day at Think Renegade, blogger by night, unlearner 24/7.Tinder is not the best way for me to invest my most valuable asset—time. Cammi is a Medium Top Contributor, Quora Top Writer and TEDx Speaker.So I looked at the checking account and her credit cards.1 card was maxed out at ,500, a second at ,500, with others adding up for a total of ,000 in charges.

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I don’t know the rules, therefore I think there is no box, and push things beyond their limits.