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In hot countries, an elevator may experience a rise in temperature, which the data could be misinterpreted as mechanical overheating.Machine Conversations lets people hear how an elevator can tell the KONE Cloud: “I’m running slightly hot, temperature at 28 degrees”, with Watson’s algorithms reviewing the data to decide whether action is required.

Teens can use the setting to restrict access to the "rooms" they create or make them public.

The humanized response might be along the lines of: “you’re five degrees above average, but it’s a hot day outside, you’re ok”.

A typical elevator conversation might continue: “Slightly off on landing at floor six”; or “Idle on floor zero.

Watson’s cognitive capabilities will help us take elevator and escalator services to a new level identifying issues before they occur.”Tobias Wacker, creative director at hasan & partners, said: “Machine Conversations is creativity with a purpose, where we’ve leveraged Internet of Things technologies and the power of IBM Watson Io T to show how problems can be detected before they happen.

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Perfect temperature at 22.6”; “Slightly elevated door noise”.