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Male sexbot chat

When ready, talk with Victor for suites access, and locate Mr. This option remains available at any time in the questline.

There's some assorted junk around, too, but nothing that spectacular.

Supposing one did hand over the chip, there's an automatic basement scene where House sets up a demonstration.

Above the lootable cash room, one can find the Golden Gloves (unique boxing gloves) by a framed issue of Boxing Times.

Since it's not open the general public, one can explore at leisure.

Now, the task is tracking down Benny at his casino, The Tops -- it's located in the Strip's central portion.

House is prepared to pay four times the original delivery fee (total 1000 caps), and will unless one completes a [Barter 50] check, raising it to 1250.

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[There's also a 9mm Pistol and Submachine Gun on the observation table, but one must take them before the demonstration ends; this place can't be revisited.] After returning upstairs (automatically), the quest will complete once House finishes talking, with the 600 XP reward for prompt completion.