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It prints files from the remote machine on a printer connected to your local machine.

And it provides a beginner-friendly menu for sending out invitations to connect to your machine.

You connect to the remote machine using the app, and then—until you click the mouse outside the remote access window—everything you type and every move you make with the mouse gets sent to the remote machine.When the invitee accesses your machine, a dialog pops up asking you if you want to allow them access, and whether you want to grant them keyboard and mouse access to your desktop or only allow viewing.When you want to access your own computer from a remote machine—for example, your laptop while traveling—you don't need to have the full Go To My PC app installed on your laptop.This gives you access to your own home or office desktop while traveling with your laptop, or you can send out an invitation to someone else that lets them access your machine.Almost all remote access apps also let you perform other tasks, like copying files back and forth between the machine you're really sitting in front of (the "local" machine) and the remote one, or copying text or graphics to the clipboard on one machine and pasting it on the other, or even opening a chat window so you can talk with whomever is sitting in front of the remote machine.

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Some apps also let you make video recordings of what happens on the remote screen, or use the remote screen like a whiteboard, drawing lines and arrows on the remote screen that are visible only while you have the whiteboard feature switched on.