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The following article has been adopted from an article distributed by the SEC’s Division of Market Regulation.

The article was originally posted in December 2005.

An appraisal revealed that the building has a fair value of 0,000. Building at 0,000 and accumulated depreciation of ,000.

After exactly 3 years, it transferred these assets and cash of ,000 to a newly created subsidiary, Regan Company, in exchange for 15,000 shares of Regan’s par value stock.

Burrough Corporation concluded that the fair value of Helyar Company was ,000 and paid that amount to acquire all of its net assets.

Historical cost and fair value balance sheet data on January 1, 2008, are as follows: 12.

Helyar reported assets with a book value of ,000 and fair value of ,000 and liabilities with a book value and fair value of ,000 on the date of combination.

,000 Plummet Corporation reported the book value of its net assets at 0,000 when Zenith Corporation acquired 100 percent ownership.

Based on the preceding information, what amount of goodwill will be reported in consolidated financial statements presented immediately following the combination if Zenith paid 0,000 for the acquisition?

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Useful life for the building is 30 years, with zero residual value.

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