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Hence this place is known as the Triveni Sangam of South.The Sangameswarar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, built at the confluence of these rivers, is a sacred place for Hindus.

As per the religious census of 2011, Bhavani had 93.33% Hindus, 4.24% Muslims, 2.35% Christians, 0.01% Sikhs, 0.05% following other religions and 0.02% following no religion or did not indicate any religious preference. The old bus station is located on the banks of Bhavani river at the southern end of the town.

While visiting all the Shiva temples at various places in the country, he saw an Ilandhai Jujube tree on the banks of the Kaveri river where the deer, tiger, cow, elephant, snake and the rat were drinking water without any sign of enmity among them.

It was a place inhabited by holy men, gandharvas and such good people.

The Goddess Vedanayaki is also known as Sangameswari, Bhavani Amman, Maruthunayaki and Vakreswari.

It is said that the four Vedas came into being on this soil.

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The Amirthalinga is in the southern entrance of the temple.

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